These Aussies are flying the flag at the US’s biggest crypto and blockchain conference

16 May 2018

Blockchain companies and cryptocurrency traders are in overdrive this week as the industry’s most hyped conference gets underway in New York.

The CoinDesk Consensus 2018 conference has tripled in size from last year with 250 speakers. And it’s even sparked a boon for bitcoin holders — with the digital token’s price climbing up from a three-week low as soon as the lambos rolled in.

At about $2000 a ticket, the conference brings together the industry’s best and brightest — including a contingent of Aussie companies on an Austrade tour.

Austrade senior investment specialist Kevin Cryan points to major blockchain projects in Australia by the ASX, Australia Post and CommBank.

“There is a challenge in Australia because we are outside of the major flows, but it also gives us the opportunity to do things in a more unique way,” Mr Cryan told Stockhead.

“There is a freedom to operate here that allows for creativity beyond the overseas market.”

While they are in the Big Apple the contingent will meet with the World Bank, which has a keen interest in the Australian blockchain projects, Mr Cryan says.

“The World Bank is keen on Australia’s position because of Standards Australia’s leadership in the global standard and our proximity to the ASEAN market.

“They see it as a way to improve cross-border digital transactions — which could be pivotal in driving economic activity in the region.

Austrade general manager Nicola Watkinson said the size and scope of the Aussie delegation “reflects the diversity in the local ecosystem and showcases innovative solutions from a broad spectrum of industries, from digital currencies and payments to agricultural supply chains, smart contract and identity management.

“Blockchain and distributed ledger technology have the potential to rewire our digital infrastructure, challenge how we interact with data and assets, and transform business models.”

Publication: Stockhead