Who We Are

At Civic Ledger, we are a diverse team of public, built environment and financial sector experts, and respected software engineers.

About Us

The Civic Ledger team are respected experts within the international blockchain community and continually keeping pace with the rapid developments and innovation taking place in this frontier technology.

This is a very fast-moving space, with the tools and programming language evolving daily. We aim to be across new developments to ensure our customers take full advantage of new innovations or protocol improvements. We ensure that the blockchain and smart contract technology products that we build are leading edge, pragmatic, strategic, platform-agnostic and adhere to community best standards.

Whilst the value proposition for the use cases of the blockchain and smart contract technology can be very exciting it is important to have pragmatic understanding of opportunities, risks and challenges when adopting the technology to solve business process problems. Blockchain projects generally rely on additional capabilities (eg. business workflows and change management) built on or around the foundational blockchain technology.

Civic Ledger has a proud history of building blockchain and smart contract software for real world use cases addressing challenges faced by government entities.

In so much that we have defined a standard that will allow for the granting and / or management of Licences via Ethereum smart contracts - ERC1753. Our motivation is, in essence, to address the inefficiencies inherent in current government licencing systems.

Our Team

Civic Ledger are an innovative and multi disciplinary team consisting of software engineers, designers, social scientists, public, built environment and financial sector experts.

This diversity in backgrounds and skills sets enables Civic Ledger to partner with government and civic organisations to co-create and build platforms and protocols that transform public administration and enable a paradigm shift in how services can be delivered to citizens.

In July 2019, Civic Ledger formed its Advisory Board and appointed its Inaugural Executive Chair, Joanne Thornton GAICD MBA.

The Advisory Board is a committee of independent advisers invited by the Co-Founders to meet together to advise and support good governance practices for Civic Ledger. The Advisory Boards meets up to four times per year or when appropriate.

Katrina Donaghy

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

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Rob Braunack

Chief Operating Officer

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Dr Fraser MacLeod

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (Europe) Water Ledger

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Matt Burgess

Senior Blockchain Developer

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Valerie Hutton

Executive Assistant

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Lucas Cullen

Blockchain Advisor and Co-Founder

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Victor Jiang

Civic Ledger Founding Chair

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Grantly Mailes

Government Advisor and Co-Founder

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Joanne Thornton GAICD MBA

Civic Ledger Advisory Board Executive Chair

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Civic Ledger has been acknowledged by its peers and industry for its outstanding contribution to advancing emerging technologies in Australia.

In July 2018, we were a Finalist under three categories at the Australian FinTech "Finnies" Industry Awards - Blockchain Company of the Year, Female FinTech Leader of the Year and Emerging FinTech Company of the Year. We were very surprised and honoured to be announced as Australia's Emerging FinTech Company of the Year 2018.

In October 2018, Civic Ledger was named in Australia's Top 23 Technology Companies at the Tech23.2018 annual conference celebrating Australian innovation.

In July 2019, Civic Ledger was announced as a Finalist under two categories at the Inaugural Australian Blockchain Industry "the Blockies" Awards - Female Blockchain Leader of the Year and Best Government Blockchain Project of the Year with IP Australia. IP Australia was announced a joint winner for the Government Blockchain Project of the Year 2019.

All of Civic Ledger's Co-Founders are Fellows of Blockchain Australia in recognition of their work to advance the potential of blockchain technology both in Australia and internationally.