What we do

Civic Ledger uses emerging technology including blockchain and smart contracts to build open government platforms for innovation simplifying its engagement with citizens and industry.

In an ever increasing digitised society, transparency is our greatest opportunity to ensure governments are accountable which is central to creating civic trust.

Key to civic trust is data governance and transparency.

Globally, governments are not only looking for streamlined and clear frameworks for data governance and transparency but also looking for solutions that deliver security and privacy.

As blockchain is a governance technology, Civic Ledger optimises its value proposition of immutablity, encryption and decentralisation to deliver data exchange platforms which provide single-truth data marketplaces for government, civil society and business to co-create economies of the future.

Our applications and solutions enable citizens and customers to self-manage the speed, convenience, and control over their transactions with government resulting in reduced time, cost and risks enforcing regulatory compliance over such transactions.

Civic Ledger's mission is to deliver on blockchain's potential and build viable solutions for real-use cases that improve people’s interactions with government for the longer term.

Who We Are

Civic Ledger is a multi-award winning global company that provides strategic advice and technical delivery of blockchain and surrounding technology solutions for government ecosystems.

We specialise in data-driven solutions with a public sector perspective – within the civic service itself or where the civic service is a major stakeholder.

We combine strategy, product design, and technology, to de-risk our customers’ future. We leverage emerging technology to help governments be more accessible, efficient and effective in an increasing digitised society.

With our co-founders and a strong team of experts, we have developed real-world blockchain use cases and are globally connected with the latest market trends and conditions for the adoption of blockchain and smart contract technologies.

How We Work

The Future

Future Economy
As a Government we want to build responsive digitised citizen-at-the-centre services so we become more accessible, efficient, transparent and trusted whilst lowering costs.

Future Ecosystems
As Industry we want to trust government issued data so we can build new marketplace ecosystems that governments do not need to operate however will have oversight of the data and transactions.

Future Society
As a Citizen I want to self-serve and self manage my transactions with government so I can access services faster whilst my data is kept secure and private.

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